Inondazioni/FLOOD Curatorial Intensive

Making Imaginaries Real
Sabato, 24 Ottobre, 2015 - 10:00 to Sabato, 31 Ottobre, 2015 - 15:30
Azienda Agricola San Bonifacio, Villa Bartolomea (VR)

Making Imaginaries Real: theories and practices of living in nature

curated by Aria Spinelli, with the collaboration of GEOPONIKA


Inondazioni/FLOOD Curatorial Intensive for artists and curators

Curated by Nuno Sacramento

October 24th to October 31st 2015

“When the snows melt, when a cloud bursts, or rain teems out of the sky for days on end without intermission, then the burns come down in spate. The narrow channels cannot contain the water, which streams down the hillsides, tears deep grooves in the soil, rolls bolders about, brawls, obliterates paths, floods burrows, swamps nests, uproots trees, and finally reaching the more level ground, becomes a moving sea” Nan Shepherd, The Living Mountain (1977)

Inondazioni/FLOOD is the first curatorial intensiveof longterm projectMaking Imaginaries Real: theories and practices of living in nature The workshop is curated by Nuno Sacramento.

In 2009, Italian Citizens voted yes on the referendum for a public distribution of water. Since then the country has been a witness to a proliferation forms of activism and squatting that initiated a large debate around the political value of the culture of the commons. Inspired by such proliferation, Inondazioni/FLOOD proposes a one-week curatorial intensive that looks at systems of irrigation and systems of knowledge distribution. Starting with the 1951 flood of the river Po - when 150,000 inhabitants were evacuated and permanently displaced - we will be looking at the how small rural communities deal with climate breakdown, namely floods. The intensive will consist of a practical hands-on project, the collection of personal memories through oral history, discussions around the politics of water and the commons, archival research, events with the local geographic community, and the publication and distribution of the newsletter INONDAZIONE.

Inondazioni/FLOOD runs from October 24th to October 31st. Participants will be hosted at the Azienda Agricola Sanbonifacio in Villa Bartolomea a small town on the outskirts of Verona. The workshop will be conducted in English, and participants should be prone to collaborate and share. Please download the application form here.

The curatorial intensive is part of larger project titled Making Imaginaries Real: theories and practices of living in nature, which looks at the relationship between ecology and participative artistic and curatorial practices by organising retreats in rural areas.

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